Horizon Prison Initiative

Horizon Prison Initiative

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Horizon Prison Initiative is a prison program that transforms incarcerated people to embrace society, not harm it. These transformed people then transform prison cultures. Then they transform home communities. They aim to have incarcerated people gain a deeper understanding of their chosen faith. To help incarcerated people learn to live in a functioning family. To assist participants in contributing to the larger community and to empower participants to face the reality that brought them to prison. Horizon staff and volunteers work closely with incarcerated people to help them realize that a life driven by criminal thoughts and behaviors is no longer an option for them. They spend a year with each group of participants, to truly transform them into men and women who believe that everyone deserves honor, respect, and dignity. Each September, a new group of Horizon participants moves into a dormitory where they live until graduation in the spring. The group is divided into family units of 6-8 participants with various backgrounds. By living as a family unit, participants learn how to live with others peacefully, a skill that will serve them the rest of their lives. Incarcerated people in the program continue performing their regular work duties and adhering to the prison schedule. In the evenings, they return to the dormitory to study Horizon courses that explore spiritual development, character reformation, victim awareness, and trauma recovery.

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