Jackson County, MI Public Defender’s Office

Jackson County, MI Public Defender’s Office

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The Public Defender’s Office, located in Jackson, Michigan, was created to provide indigent defense services in compliance with the Michigan Indigent Defense Act and the rules and standards developed by the Michigan Indigent Defense Commission. Their mission is to provide the accused of Jackson County with high-quality and zealous representation serving clients as advocates and the community by ensuring all rights and liberties are protected and respected by our court system. With 12 Attorneys-in-Charge, the Public Defender’s Office only handles criminal cases appointed by the Court. They currently do not serve any family law, landlord-tenant, or other civil matters. If you face criminal charges in Jackson County, you will be arraigned before a Judge or Magistrate in the 12th District Court. The Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees the rights of criminal defendants, including the right to a public trial without unnecessary delay and the right to a lawyer. If the Court has assigned a public defender to your case in Jackson County, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the office head for further assistance.
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