Jackson County, MS Public Defender’s Office

Jackson County, MS Public Defender’s Office

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The Jackson County Public Defender’s Office is located in Pascagoula, MS. With one Public Defender and four Assistant Public Defenders, this office represents indigent people charged with felony crimes in Circuit Court from arraignment through trial. They resolve cases involving crimes that range from telephone harassment to capital murder. The Public Defender ensures that every accused citizen receives zealous and effective representation as mandated by the United States and Mississippi Constitutions, regardless of financial resources. The Jackson County Public Defender Office plays an essential and integral role in the administration of the judicial system in Jackson County. Its members proudly ensure that their clients’ Constitutional rights are protected and strive to provide expert legal service without cost to the client. The offices also offer a benefit to the taxpayers of Jackson County as the appointment of attorneys on a case-by-case basis would impose a substantial burden on the county budget. For more information on services offered by the Jackson County Public Defender’s Office, please reach out to them by filling out the contact form on their website.
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