Jefferson County, NY Public Defender’s Office

Jefferson County, NY Public Defender’s Office

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The Jefferson County Public Defender’s Office is located in Watertown, NY. The office consists of one Public Defender, six Assistant Public Defenders and other legal support staff. They provide criminal defense services for indigent defendants in Jefferson County Court, State Parole Revocation Hearings, and City and local courts. Their objective is to provide legal assistance to those indigent persons who would usually be assigned an attorney in Family Court. In County, City and local courts, when the Judge makes a determination that an individual cannot financially afford an attorney, the Court assigns the Public Defender to represent the Criminal Defendant throughout the proceeding. Such representation includes the drafting of motions, the negotiation of a plea and sentence, and if necessary, advocacy at a trial. Moreover, in Parole matters, the County Court Judge assigns the Public Defender to represent indigent defendants charged with State Parole violations. Such representation parallels the services in the one above. Lastly, in Family Court, when the judge determines that an indigent appellant or respondent needs an attorney, the Public Defender’s Officer is assigned. Representation in Family Court includes defending charges of child abuse and neglect, representation in disputed custody proceedings, paternity suits and other miscellaneous cases. For more information, please contact them directly.
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