Jersey County, IL Public Defender’s Office

Jersey County, IL Public Defender’s Office

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The Jersey County Public Defender’s Office in Jerseyville provides quality legal representation for defendants in criminal, juvenile, and mental health matters, who cannot afford an attorney or are entitled to legal representation pursuant to the Illinois State Constitution. In addition, their office includes Public Defenders, Staff Attorneys and other support staff responsible for representing those individuals who have been accused of a crime that carries the potential for jail or prison time and cannot afford to hire a private counsel. The goal of the Public Defender is to provide a fully competent, effective, and ethical defense to each client whose cause has been entrusted to the Office for representation. The Public Defender’s Office strives to provide all mandated legal services effectively and efficiently and conduct that representation so that the county criminal justice system operates effectively, efficiently, and achieves justice for the citizens of Jersey County. Individuals may contact the organization directly or work through an attorney for more information or file a claim.
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