Kent County, MI Public Defender’s Office

Kent County, MI Public Defender’s Office

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The Kent County Public Defender’s Office is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The Kent County Office of the Defender is a private non-profit organization that is committed to excellence in the representation of indigent citizens charged with felonies. They have an experienced staff of 12 attorneys whose sole function is to represent those defendants assigned to this office by the court. Their personnel policy prohibits the attorneys from doing any legal work outside of cases appointed by the court. As a result, the sole focus and effort are directed toward their indigent client and not a retained client or other legal matter. In addition, they are committed to maintaining the attorney-client privilege. The roles and responsibilities of the Kent public defender’s office are: providing legal representation, consultation, and advice to clients, representing clients through criminal investigative proceedings, creating a defense plan, doing legal investigative research, interviewing the necessary clients and witnesses, working closely with clients, discussing relevant information and strategies. Please get in touch with the Kent County Public Defender Office directly if you need further information.
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