Kentucky Public Defender’s Lexington North Trial Office

Kentucky Public Defender’s Lexington North Trial Office

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The Kentucky Public Defender’s Department of Public Advocacy has a regional trial office located in North Lexington, KY. With one Directing Attorney in the Northern Lexington office and a team of Public Defenders, this office serves clients in Fayette County. Their mission is to provide high-quality, client-centered legal representation to indigent persons of all ages, accused of crimes or facing a deprivation of liberty throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky. They represent clients with misdemeanor and felony cases in the counties mentioned above. Before the trial, the Public Defenders review discovery materials, discuss any plea offers, contact witnesses, discuss your right to testify, discuss any potential defenses to your charges, discuss what your lawyer plans to argue to the jury on your behalf and gathers knowledge about your criminal history, background, about your family and future. If the court has assigned a public defender to your case in Fayette County, please contact the office head in the North Lexington Trial Office.
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