Legal Aid Society of Northeastern New York

Legal Aid Society of Northeastern New York

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The Legal Aid Society of Northeastern New York is a community organization committed to ensuring equitable justice for all residents. Their mission is to advocate for fair and equitable justice, especially for underserved communities and those who live below the poverty line. Staff and volunteers work hard to assist individuals in need with transformative life choices, access to safe and affordable housing, referrals to community organizations and policies that protect the rights of all individuals. The Legal Aid Society of Northeastern New York believes strongly that one of the biggest barriers to justice is unequal access to support systems and opportunities due to systemic oppression and discriminatory practices. The organization is first and foremost a law firm, and they offer direct representation for clients who meet eligibility requirements for financial status. In addition to legal assistance, the organization engages with local and state legislators to influence justice reform that is more equitable for people of all backgrounds. They also work directly with community organizations to improve support systems for formerly incarcerated individuals and justice impacted families.

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