Livingston County, MO Public Defender’s Office

Livingston County, MO Public Defender’s Office

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The Missouri State Public Defender System (MSPD) has a Trial Division’s Office in Chillicothe, Livingston County, MO. The Trial Division is responsive to the trial courts in Missouri’s 115 jurisdictions through regional and district offices. The MSPD provides legal representation to all indigent citizens accused of or convicted of crimes in Missouri at the levels of the State Trial Court. Their mission is to provide high-quality, zealous advocacy for indigent people charged with a crime in the State of Missouri. MSPD is a statewide system comprised of three legal service divisions: the Trial Division, Capital Division, and Appellate/Post-Conviction Division. Attorneys in district offices within each division provide direct representation to their clients. In addition, MSPD attempts to provide every client with a high-quality, competent, ardent defense team at every stage of the process in which public defenders are necessary. A licensed Missouri attorney leads the team devoted full-time to criminal law practice. Please contact them directly to learn more about the MSPD’s Livingston County Office.
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