Los Angeles County Conviction Integrity Unit

Los Angeles County Conviction Integrity Unit

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The Los Angeles County Conviction Integrity Unit is a part of the District Attorney’s office that considers legal claims of innocence. The goal of the Conviction Integrity Unit is to serve as a branch of the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office dedicated to investigating the credibility of claims of injustice by providing a complete consideration of cases wherein individuals offer legitimate evidence to confirm their claims of innocence, provide sound reasoning that they were wrongfully convicted or otherwise assert claims of injustice related to their involvement with the court system. Staff in the unit determine the truth of all legal claims and look into whether or not plea bargaining affected the end result of the case. They prioritize their investigations based on how long incarcerated individuals have been behind bars. Whenever claims of innocence are supported by legal evidence, staff may encourage the District Attorney to revisit the case and determine whether or not evidence of innocence requires further action. For more information, contact the Los Angeles County Conviction Integrity Unit directly using the information provided on the website.

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