Macomb County, MI Public Defender’s Office

Macomb County, MI Public Defender’s Office

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The Macomb County Public Defender’s Office is located in Port Huron, Michigan, with the goal of increasing the quality of legal representation of indigent clients being charged with crimes. Macomb County Public Defender’s Office was created to ensure a fair, cost-effective, and constitutional public defense system in the State of Michigan. The mandate of the Public Defender’s Office is to develop and implement minimum standards for the provision of indigent defense services. The mission of the Macomb County Office of Public Defender is “to Operate, Supervise, and Manage a System of Providing Court Appointed Counsel for Indigent Defendants.” This system seeks to comply with the currently adopted standards set forth by the Michigan Indigent Defense Commission. These standards are designed to ensure the right to be represented by counsel. In addition, the office has staff attorneys who carry out the added mission of Competently, Effectively, and Vigorously Protecting and Defending the Constitutional Rights of Clients. By representing indigent clients, the Office of Public Defender stays in touch with the needs of indigent defendants in Macomb County and seeks to implement positive changes. Kindly contact the Macomb County Public Defender’s Office if you require further information.
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