Manifestations Of The Prodigal Daughter

Manifestations Of The Prodigal Daughter

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Manifestations Of The Prodigal Daughter provides a residential living facility designed for women 18 and older who are presently experiencing homelessness, unemployment, and/or ex-incarceration. Their vision and sole purpose are to provide a refuge for people desperately seeking to change their behavioral destructive lives, to become productive and healthy members of society. They provide a comprehensive approach to recovery for each person including the physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual aspects of their lives. They assist the residents in obtaining employment with various agencies. They also help these women obtain a driver’s license, establish a personal bank account, save towards purchasing a vehicle, and eventually obtain their own residency. They also have a mentoring program for women and men in prison and also ex-incarcerated people. Their belief is this program helps their clients learn the essentials needed to focus on setting and achieving their life-long goals.

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