Massachusetts Committee For Public Counsel Services’s Lowell Trial Office

Massachusetts Committee For Public Counsel Services’s Lowell Trial Office

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The Massachusetts Committee for Public Counsel Services Middlesex County has a Trial Office located in Lowell, MA. With one Attorney-in-Charge, one Supervising Attorney, nine Staff Attorneys and one Social Service Advocate, the office serves indigent clients assigned by the court. The Lowell Trial Office also represents clients who cannot afford an attorney in all matters in which the law requires the appointment of counsel in the Lowell, Concord and Ayer District Courts. The dedicated public defenders in the Lowell Trial Office provide high-quality, client-centered legal representation to indigent persons of all ages accused of crimes, misdemeanor and felony cases. The roles and responsibilities of Lowell Trial Office public defenders are: providing legal representation, consultation, and advice to clients, representing clients through criminal investigative proceedings, creating a defense plan, doing legal investigative research, interviewing the necessary clients and witnesses, working closely with clients, discussing relevant information and strategies. Please contact the Lowell Trial Office directly if you need further assistance.
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