MBI Returning Citizens Program

MBI Returning Citizens Program

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The Returning Citizens Program at MBI Health Services, Inc. focuses on offering holistic support to individuals during reintegration. Their mission is to function as a one-stop, solution oriented organization for individuals reentering the community after incarceration, with a goal of reducing recidivism and breaking the cycle of incarceration through targeted support systems. Returning Citizens Program begins its intervention model during pre-release, where participants receive a needs assessment, transition planning support, individualized case management and family engagement. The benefit of working with individuals ahead of release is that all individuals are prepared for life outside and, when necessary, can arrange for participation in community programs that support their reentry goals. Following release, mental health professionals work with participants to provide counseling support, as well as referrals for job readiness programs, housing services, and treatment programs. For more information about specific services or to request support, contact the Returning Citizens Program directly.
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