Michigan State Appellate Defender’s Detroit Office

Michigan State Appellate Defender’s Detroit Office

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The Michigan State Appellate Defenders has a branch office located in Detroit, Michigan. The mission of the Michigan State Appellate Defenders is to fight injustice through access, advocacy, compassion, and education. The state-funded public defender represents at least 25% of individuals with pending appeals. The public defender division of SADO has a staff of two Managing Attorneys, 16 Attorneys, one Investigator, and one Mitigation Specialist. In addition, county-funded private attorneys represent nearly 75% of individuals appealing their convictions. Public Defenders have an ethical responsibility to work for the best possible resolution of the case for the client. All dealings between a court-appointed attorney and the client are confidential. Attorneys who provide public defense representation are not only subject to the Michigan State Bar’s ethical requirements that govern all lawyers but must also meet qualification standards that have been established for public defense representation. The privilege of offering representation to those in need is why the law has offered public defense services. Don’t hesitate to contact the Michigan State Appellate Defender’s Detroit Office directly if you need further information.
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