Minnesota Third Judicial District Public Defender’s Winona Office

Minnesota Third Judicial District Public Defender’s Winona Office

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The Minnesota Third Judicial District Public Defender’s satellite office is located in Winona, Minnesota. With one State Public Defender, attorneys and other support staff, their purpose is to provide quality criminal defense services to indigent defendants in Minnesota through an independent, reliable and efficient public defender system. If you are charged with a crime that has the potential of a penalty of time in jail, the court may appoint an attorney to represent your interests; you are not eligible for a court-appointed attorney unless you are the prospect of being sent to prison. These cases include misdemeanors, gross misdemeanors, and felony allegations. Their mission is to advocate for clients, support practitioners and protects the public by continually improving the services guaranteed by the constitutional right to counsel. In addition, this office aims to prevent wrongful convictions, protect due process and constitutional rights, increase public safety, promote fiscal responsibility, and support economic growth throughout Minnesota. If the court has assigned a public defender to your case in Winona, Minnesota, please contact the District Defender in the Sixth Judicial District Public Defender’s Office that serves the Wabasha, Houston, and Winona counties.
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