Montana State Appellate Defender Division

Montana State Appellate Defender Division

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The Montana State Appellate Defender Division is located in Helena, MT. A Chief Appellate Defender manages and supervises the Office of the Appellate Defender. The Appellate Defender provides legal counsel for indigent persons who have been convicted and who then appeal district court convictions or who petition for post-conviction relief from district court proceedings. The Appellate Defender also aids the Montana State Public Defender’s Commission by compiling and maintaining a current roster of Montana attorneys who are eligible to serve as trial and appellate defense counsel for the indigent if appointed by an appropriate court. This office strives to represent their clients effectively and efficiently to ensure a more fair and balanced justice system. In addition, they are dedicated and committed to improving overall outcomes for their clients and addressing the conditions that led to their involvement with the justice system. If you wish to have more information, please contact the Montana State Appellate Defender Division by accessing the contact information listed here.
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