Montana State Conflict Defender’s Missoula Office

Montana State Conflict Defender’s Missoula Office

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The Montana State Conflict Defender has a branch office located in Missoula, MT. This office consists of one Managing Public Defender, attorneys and other legal support staff serving indigent criminal defendants in Missoula. The Missoula Office is a part of Region A of Montana Conflict Defenders, including the Kalispell, Polson, Hamilton and Butte areas. The Montana State Conflict Defender’s Missoula Office represents indigent defendants in the circumstances in which the public defender division or the appellate defender division cannot provide representation to a defendant because of conflict of interest. Many situations create conflicts of interest, such as when a person accused of a crime becomes a witness to another crime. As a result, the same local Office cannot represent both people. When there is a conflict of interest, the case is referred to the Conflict Division to assign a lawyer who does not have a conflict of interest. In addition, their mission is to provide effective professional legal services with equal access to quality client-centered representation. Please visit their website for who qualifies for representation by the Public Defender’s Office and how and when you can apply.
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