Montgomery County, NY Public Defender’s Office

Montgomery County, NY Public Defender’s Office

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The Montgomery County Public Defender’s Office is located in Fultonville, NY. With one Public Defender, one 1st Assistant Public Defender, five Assistant Public Defenders and support staff, this office represents indigent individuals throughout Montgomery County in both the local and criminal courts as well as County Court, Parole, Drug Court, Family Court, Integrated Domestic Violence Court and Family Treatment Court. The role of the Public Defender’s Office is to give indigent individuals with cases in one of these Montgomery County Courts adequate representation because these individuals cannot afford to retain legal counsel. Anyone interested in a Public Defender must first complete a Financial Affidavit Application and submit it to the Public Defender’s Office. This application will then be processed to determine if an individual is eligible. Please go to or call the Public Defender’s Office to obtain a Financial Affidavit Application. The Financial Affidavit Application is also available to print and fill out on their website. For more information, please contact them directly.
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