Mothers And Their Children (MATCH)

Mothers And Their Children (MATCH)

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Mothers And Their Children (MATCH) is a non-profit organization created to address the special needs of children of incarcerated mothers. MATCH provides a homelike visitation center where children can visit with their mothers. They also provide parenting education and support, financial assistance for families to travel to Raleigh for visits, and special events to support MATCH families. Children can visit with their mothers in the homelike setting of the MATCH Center, which they often call “Mom’s apartment.” MATCH Moms can have one three-hour visit each month. It is different from regular visitation. Each MATCH visit is supervised by two volunteers. They observe the visit to make sure that all policies of MATCH and the prison are followed. Children from one family visit at a time. Other adult family members are not present. Hugging, snuggling, playing on the floor, and playing active games are encouraged. There is an abundance of activities available, and food can be prepared in the kitchen. Two trained volunteers supervise the visit. The visit is between a mother and her children. MATCH helps pay for gas when needed. Children who live too far away to drive are flown to Raleigh twice each year and provided with lodging and transportation. MATCH Moms complete a comprehensive parenting education course specifically designed for them that covers physical, social, emotional, and moral development of children, how to discipline children so that they grow into responsible adults and more MATCH Moms have continuing education through monthly Ongoing Parenting Classes and activities. Each December, MATCH throws a festive holiday party for all of the Moms, their children, and the children’s caregivers. On a child’s birthday, moms choose a present from the “Birthday Closet” which is stocked with donated gifts appropriate for all ages. They can give the gift at a MATCH visit. MATCH Moms can’t go shopping, but when they give a bag of newly donated supplies to their children it feels like back-to-school shopping. They also host a Mother’s Day Dinner.

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