Muskegon County, MI Public Defender’s Office

Muskegon County, MI Public Defender’s Office

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The Public Defender Office in Muskegon, Michigan, assists in matters such as juvenile delinquency and neglect and abuse (NA) cases that require an appointment as Guardian ad litem (GAL). With one Chief Public Defender, one Chief District Court Attorney, one Chief Criminal Division Attorney, one Deputy Chief Public Defender, nine Assistant Public Defender, three Legal Secretary working in the criminal, Felony, and Misdemeanor divisions, and one Research Attorney, this office serves criminal defendants located in Muskegon, MI. The public defenders at Muskegon county practice in the forum that includes the county, municipal, and township courts to provide quality legal representations for defendants without means to retain legal counsel after being charged with criminal or civil violations. In addition, the Muskegon County office provides useful forms for criminal defendants, such as the request for a court-appointed attorney and order. If the court has assigned a public defender to your case in Muskegon County, please contact the office head for further assistance.
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