New Hampshire Legal Assistance

New Hampshire Legal Assistance

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New Hampshire Legal Assistance (NHLA) is a nonprofit law firm dedicated to ensuring justice for individuals with financial insecurity. Through representation and systemic advocacy, NHLA provides civil legal aid that targets both the impacts and the causes of poverty. In addition, the Youth Law Project (YLP) works with young people at risk of having delinquency or CHINS petitions filed against them and those facing long term school suspensions and dismissals. To help these young people stay in their families and communities and away from the juvenile justice system, the YLP works to provide them with the educational, medical, mental health, and other assistance they need. The YLP represents students at special education meetings and hearings as well as school disciplinary hearings. Although the YLP does not offer legal counsel in delinquency or CHINS cases, it collaborates closely with public defenders, and court appointed attorneys who do to determine how to serve the interests of the young people best. For more information, contact the firm directly.
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