New Hampshire Public Defender’s Nashua Office

New Hampshire Public Defender’s Nashua Office

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The New Hampshire Public Defender has a local office located in Nashua, NH. The office is composed of one Managing Attorney, Public Defenders, Staff Attorneys, Legal Assistants, Investigators and other support staff serving indigent criminal defendants in Hillsborough County South, which includes Nashua, Salem and the surrounding towns. The purpose of the Nashua Office is to provide indigent defense services to citizens charged with crimes. They defend clients with Class A misdemeanors, which carry a maximum penalty of one year in jail, and felonies, which carry the possibility of a state prison sentence of more than one year upon conviction. But, they cannot file or defend civil lawsuits or assist people in civil matters, represent New Hampshire residents who face criminal prosecution in another state’s court, represent New Hampshire residents charged with crimes in federal court, represent people in Family Court facing civil sanctions related to the alleged abuse and neglect of a child, represent either people seeking a domestic violence restraining orders or the defendants in those proceedings and represent people seeking to annul convictions. For any clarification on the New Hampshire Public Defender’s Nashua Office services, reach out to them using the contact information provided here.
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