NYC Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice

NYC Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice

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The Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice (MOCJ) aims to promote safety, fairness, and the reduction of unnecessary incarceration in New York City. MOCJ advises the Mayor on all problems involving maintaining and improving a fair and equitable judicial system. The group brings together community and institutional stakeholders to address the challenges that endanger the security and stability of communities. They work to move NYC forward by improving resources and increasing access to the support and services required. The organization also looks to crime victims’ places to provide assistance suited to their needs and to develop bridges between government and communities to help end the scourge of hate crimes. Alternative to Incarceration (ATI) programs are court-ordered diversion programs that provide participants with supporting resources in their communities instead of a jail or prison sentence. In addition, the programs offer ATI participants additional behavioral health services and housing resources for women. Contact The Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice directly for more information about specific programs and services.
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