Oklahoma City University School of Law Bail and Bond Reform Clinic

Oklahoma City University School of Law Bail and Bond Reform Clinic

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The Bail and Bond Reform Clinic is a legal aid clinic at the Oklahoma City University School of Law that offers criminal defense services to indigent people. Students in the Bail and Bond Clinic assist individuals facing criminal felony and misdemeanor charges. They also represent those facing probation compliance issues by appearing in court to advocate for reducing fees and costs. The clinic works in partnership with the Oklahoma County Public Defender’s office. Students spend five to seven hours weekly in the Public Defender’s office representing clients in bail hearings and other misdemeanor proceedings. They help identify candidates for pretrial release charged with a felony and misdemeanor crimes. Additionally, students participate in the arraignment process where bail is determined, assess the service needs of clients, file motions for clients to receive bail hearings, and advocate for those clients in the district court and through appeal, if necessary. With assistance from Public Defender’s Office, students help these individuals obtain release from pretrial detention and receive significant bond reductions. For eligibility or to request representation, individuals should contact the clinic directly.
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