Oklahoma DOC Mental Health Services

Oklahoma DOC Mental Health Services

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Oklahoma Department of Corrections (ODOC) offers mental health services to incarcerated individuals in Oklahoma prisons. The Mental Health Services unit promotes recovery for incarcerated individuals with serious mental illness, intellectual disabilities, and co-occurring disorders. Mental health services include care, including screening/assessment, crisis intervention; suicide prevention, outpatient, intermediate, and acute/inpatient mental health services; and reentry services, including pre-discharge planning/preparation. Patients are also provided psychotropic medication services, with medication distributed by the Medical Services Unit’s nurses and pharmacists. To achieve effective, cost-efficient mental health services, ODOC utilizes a unique mental health management classification information system. The system provides a combination of staffing and designated housing for those incarcerated individuals with the most severe mental illness in the least restrictive conditions. This promotes individual recovery and strength while protecting the public. Additionally, the collaborative Mental Health Reentry Program transitions incarcerated people with serious mental illness into appropriate community-based mental health services in the community.
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