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OurJourney is a nonprofit organization founded by a group of former North Carolina incarcerated people who met in prison, reconnected in the free world and decided to do more than celebrate their freedoms. The association seeks to break the cycle of sorrow through the First Aid Reentry Kit program, assisting those formerly incarcerated in bridging the gap from prison to independence, from their previous life to their best life. They believe that reducing recidivism strengthens and protects the communities. It uses every possible tool to reach out to current and formerly incarcerated people in practical ways. The Essential Services program at OurJourney offers life-skills mentoring to any returning citizen in North Carolina. OurJourney is a new approach to freedom, where it believes that being released from prison isn’t just an occasion to celebrate but also a journey to join. It includes reintegration kits, critical services, resource guides, and peer-to-peer mentorship from one half of North Carolina to the other.
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