People Empowering & Restoring Communities (PERC)

People Empowering & Restoring Communities (PERC)

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People Empowering & Restoring Communities (PERC) was founded to address the needs of formerly incarcerated people through the reentry process. The mission of PERC is to aid formerly incarcerated individuals and disrupt the cycle of recidivism, as well as to reunite families through advocacy, educational opportunities, targeted services, and comprehensive support. They understand the unique challenges of reintegration and their programs are designed to help address those challenges. PERC offers services to individuals returning to Pinellas County, including employment assistance, transportation support, and transitional housing. PERC operates two transitional housing communities, as well as job training and placement programs. Participants are also eligible to receive case management and take courses on personal development. Individuals can schedule an appointment to begin intake through their website or over the phone.
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