Primavera Foundation

Primavera Foundation

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The Primavera Foundation offers a way out of poverty through safe, affordable housing, employment services, and community revitalization. Their goal is to foster social and economic justice while building a future in which all people are guaranteed basic human rights, financial independence and housing stability. By focusing their work on addressing the root causes of poverty, such as multi-generational trauma, social and economic injustice, and inequity, participants are able to collaborate with community members as they strive to surmount the barriers that have prevented them from achieving long-term financial stability. Individuals also have the chance to build their marketable skills and assets, obtain employment, locate safe, affordable housing, set and reach individual goals, ensure stable and sustainable financial futures, advocate for themselves, and reintegrate in their communities in a meaningful and productive way. The Primavera Foundation offers services to formerly incarcerated individuals, people experiencing housing insecurity and those living in severe poverty. Individuals can contact the organization directly for assistance and support.
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