Prison Pet Partnership Program

Prison Pet Partnership Program

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The Prison Pet Partnership Program operates in Washington Corrections Center for Women (WCCW) and provides incarcerated individuals the opportunity to learn valuable pet care vocational skills to use in finding employment when they resume their lives outside of prison. In addition to training, boarding, and grooming dogs, incarcerated individuals also gain clerical skills by working in their office. To ensure that they receive ample experience in the pet care industry, incarcerated employees are required to spend a minimum of two years with them. Their mission is to grow in many directions, using our foundation of rescuing and training animals and providing job skills training to incarcerated individuals. They continue to train and place service, therapy and companion animals. Prison Pet Partnership scouts for job opportunities in the community in which system-impacted community members will be released, and provides support through job placement as they transition back into the community. The program has placed over 700 dogs in the Pacific Northwest as Service, Seizure, Therapy Dogs, and in families as Paroled Pets.

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