Prisoners Are People Too, Inc.

Prisoners Are People Too, Inc.

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Prisoners Are People Too, Inc. is a nonprofit organization to raise public awareness of prison conditions through a monthly documentary film and speaker series held on the last Monday of each month. The program, established to raise public awareness of prison-related issues, has grown to include community education, networking, referrals, community building, action organizing, and companionship. Through films, guest speakers, and follow up discussions, the program encourages community education and understanding of the prison industrial complex, the misery of the prison population and prison families, and the barriers to reentry. The group’s mission is to educate the community about issues impacting incarcerated and formerly incarcerated individuals, emphasizing the humanity of both the victim and the justice impacted individuals. In addition, the group promotes networking opportunities, referrals to service providers, and community development by removing civil, social, and legal barriers and educating the community. For more information, contact the organization directly.
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