Prisoners’ Legal Services of Massachusetts

Prisoners’ Legal Services of Massachusetts

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Prisoners’ Legal Services (PLS) of Massachusetts is an anti-racist organization. Their mission is to challenge the carceral system through litigation, advocacy, client counseling, partnership with impacted individuals and communities, and outreach to policymakers and the public in order to promote the human rights of incarcerated persons and end harmful confinement. PLS helps individuals with serious medical needs that are not being met. Their Advocates counsel incarcerated individuals, attorneys, and family members about their right to adequate health care and how to seek treatment internally. PLS continually undertakes individual and systemic advocacy and institutes litigation to address unlawful and inhumane conditions that arise in state and county correctional facilities in Massachusetts. PLS’ litigation aims to ensure that no person is subjected to this torment unlawfully in solitary confinement. The Prison Brutality project was created to address the widespread problem of correctional staff abusing their authority by assaulting the men and women. 

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