Rockland County, NY Public Defender Office

Rockland County, NY Public Defender Office

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The Rockland County Public Defender’s Office is located in New City, NY. This office has one Public Defender, one Deputy Public Defender, Staff Attorneys and other legal support staff representing indigent persons accused of offenses and crimes in Rockland County at trial and other appearances in the local Justice Courts and County Court. The office also prosecutes appeals on behalf of its clients to various Appellate Courts; represents clients prosecuted for parole and probation violations and appears in connection with extradition proceedings of persons accused of crimes out of state and arrested as fugitives in New York. The Office of the Public Defender conducts interviews with prospective clients to determine whether they are financially eligible for representation. Clients under 21 years of age must be accompanied by a parent/guardian. The client must provide their financial information and the financial information of the parent/guardian. To apply for indigent legal services, please complete the Rockland County Public Defender Intake Form available on their website. For further assistance, please contact the Rockland County Public Defender’s Office directly.
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