Rotary Gig Harbor Women’s Prison Program

Rotary Gig Harbor Women’s Prison Program

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Rotary Gig Harbor Women’s Prison Program is a community based organization that serves currently and formerly incarcerated women. The organization offers five core programs: reentry employment training, continuing education scholarships, online reentry coaching and mentoring, assistance with obtaining government documents, and a substantial database of reentry resources. Currently incarcerated women participate in employment training in order to ensure that they have the best chance at reentering the workforce when they return to the community. Continuing education is available to both currently and formerly incarcerated women as they pursue advanced certificates and work toward higher education degrees. Once released, women can meet with representatives to discuss referrals to social service organizations in their community, as well as help securing government identification and applying for government benefit programs. Additionally, women can access the Rotary Gig Harbor Women’s Prison Program website to find information about support programs and organizations that assist formerly incarcerated women.
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