Salem County Office of the Public Defender’s, NJ

Salem County Office of the Public Defender’s, NJ

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The New Jersey Salem County Office of the Public Defender’s represents people who are charged with a crime. With one Deputy Public Defender and other supporting staff, the office provides first-class legal representation to citizens who cannot afford attorneys at trial and appellate levels. While the majority of their attorneys defend individuals charged with criminal offenses, they also represent individuals whose children have been removed based on allegations of abuse and neglect (Office of Parental Representation), the children who have been removed (Office of Law Guardian), and individuals involuntarily committed to State psychiatric facilities (Office of Mental Health Advocacy). The office has a reputation for excellence and, as a state-wide agency, has been a leader in criminal justice reform, particularly the elimination of monetary bail that is the hallmark of NJ’s national model for risk-based pretrial release. This office does not provide representation to individuals facing domestic violence complaints in Family Court; traffic or minor offenses that are handled in local Municipal Courts; or parole violation matters. Your lawyer is obligated to act on your behalf and represent you in the matter that you face in court. They will do so with reasonable diligence and promptness. Your lawyer will respond as quickly as possible to any reasonable requests you make for information about your case. You should contact the New Jersey Salem County Office for further assistance.
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