Scotts Bluff County, NE Public Defender’s Office

Scotts Bluff County, NE Public Defender’s Office

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The Scotts Bluff County Public Defender’s Office is located in Gering, Nebraska. The office has three Deputy Public Defenders and other staff representing those charged with crimes and who cannot otherwise afford to hire a private attorney. Their representation extends to all critical stages of the criminal prosecution and includes investigation, representation in Court and appeals. In addition, they are assisting their clients by providing them with accurate information concerning the charges and evidence against them, helping them with their rights, and providing them with legal advice regarding any other legal issues pertaining to their cases. Their clients decide whether or not their case goes to trial or whether or not they are settled in some different fashion. In addition to performing criminal defense duties, they also represent juveniles and parents in juvenile proceedings, people facing contempt proceedings, respondents in paternity cases and those brought before the Board of Mental Health. An individual must apply for a public defender by completing a detailed financial statement and agreeing to provide documentation concerning income, assets and debts for the person and the person’s spouse if any. This information is generally provided to a court employee who reviews the financial information and recommends to the judge whether or not the person is eligible for government-paid counsel. Kindly contact the Scotts Bluff County Public Defender’s Office if you require further information.
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