St. Lawrence County, NY Public Defender Office

St. Lawrence County, NY Public Defender Office

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The St. Lawrence County Public Defender’s Office is located in Corner Building in Canton City, NY. With one Public Defender, eight Assistant Public Defenders and legal support staff, this office defends indigent persons charged with violations of law that could result in incarceration upon conviction and represents indigent parties in Family Court matters. To qualify for services, clients must fill out a financial affidavit and return it to the Office of Indigent Defense. If a client is determined to be eligible for an assigned attorney, the Office of Indigent Defense will notify the client if s/he will be represented by the Public Defender’s Office, the Conflict Defender’s Office, or an attorney on the assigned counsel list. In many cases, the Staff Attorneys help clients address the underlying cause that brought them to the point of arrest by recommending drug/alcohol treatment programs, mental health programs, and alternatives to incarceration. Additionally, the Public Defender ensures that every accused citizen, regardless of financial resources, receives zealous and effective representation as mandated by the United States and New York Constitutions. For more information on their services, please email them using the contact form available on their website.
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