Star Kids Scholarship Program

Star Kids Scholarship Program

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Star Kids Scholarship Program is a non-profit organization, works to break the intergenerational cycle of crime, poverty, substance abuse, disease, and depression. They support educational opportunities for Star Kids students. They provide educational support to students includes funding for tuition, uniforms, after-school programs, tutoring, mentoring and summer camps. Children in grades K-12, whose parents have had a history of substance abuse and/or incarceration, and demonstrate financial need, are eligible for the Star Kids Scholarship Program. After a detailed application is complete and an interview conducted, the Star Kids Scholarship Program enrolls the children in small, supportive, community-oriented and culturally appropriate non-public schools with the help of the willing and active parent/guardian. These schools include independent private schools, Catholic Diocesan Schools and private Christian Schools. The ultimate long-term goal for the Star Kids Program is for each child to graduate from high school and be in a better position to pursue higher education. They wish that each student become an independent, productive and self-sufficient member of the community.

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