Step Out Vermont

Step Out Vermont

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Step Out is a non-profit aiming to help incarcerated women by providing them with life skills through entrepreneurial training and resources. Step Out aims to integrate Vermont’s public health, economic development, and criminal justice systems to achieve these goals. Step Out offers a microenterprise training course for justice-affected women, called the LIFE program. LIFE is the acronym for Lifelong Information for Entrepreneurs, which is a 64-hour, trauma-informed training program created by Mercy Corps Northwest. The curriculum incorporates business plan development, employment skill-building, creation of a transition plan from incarceration, and practical tools for health, nutrition and exercise self-management. Integrated throughout the course is a focus on goal setting and action planning. The classes are based on a learning framework that builds on emotional regulation and peer learning. Upon release, participants who have completed the requirements of the LIFE program receive $500 incentive to use on immediate transitional needs like interview clothing, down payment on utilities, gas to visit children and a variety of other needs.

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