Take TWO Reentry Program

Take TWO Reentry Program

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The Colorado Department of Corrections Take Two program assists currently incarcerated individuals with employment. This program provides an opportunity to work for employers and earn a prevailing or marketable wage with an end goal of living in a non-prison environment within the community. Through this program, incarcerated individuals can acquire some monetary savings before their release from the prison system, improve their job skills to make them more marketable and employable, and help re-establish a social network within the community. The Colorado Department of Corrections (CDOC) has developed a multistep in-depth screening process to look for eligible incarcerated individuals for this program. Individuals must be a low public safety risk to the outside community. This program does not accept applications from sex offenders. Moreover, participants must have 36 months or less until their Mandatory Release Date or Sentence Discharge Date, have good work skills and work history, have shown progression and have a record of good behavior. To know more about this program, please contact the program coordinator at the Colorado Department of Corrections by accessing the information listed here.
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