The Living Hope International Ministry Inc

The Living Hope International Ministry Inc

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Living Hope International Ministry is a multifaceted ministry that helps women at all different stages in their lives. Their New Beginning Home residential facility assists women to find stability in the community upon their release from prison. These women receive training on how to find jobs, housing and support to take care of themselves and their children. After completing the residential program at New Beginning Home, women can move to the House of Esther, which is a second phase facility. Here, women that graduated could live independently as they worked and saved to transition into their own home. Approximately 60% of the women have remained stable on their jobs for 6-12 months; remained drug and arrest-free; continued their education, reunited with their children and families.  Additionally, Living Hope International Ministry serves children of incarcerated parents and at-risk children by providing Christmas gifts and Back-to-School Supplies.

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