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Towards Employment

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Towards Employment is an organization that connects people to careers, helping them prepare, get, and keep a job as well as advance in their desired career field. In this way, they aim to change lives, advance business and strengthen communities. At a glance, Towards Employment offers job readiness training, supportive employment services, transportation services, tools, and legal aid that helps clear warrants, prevent evictions and foreclosures, addresses child support arrears, and clears debt. Most importantly, however, they offer career planning, coaching, and skill-building through work experience and technical training so newly hired workers can succeed in their current job and then advance along a career pathway. At the same time, Towards Employment works with over 300 employers in the Cleaveland, Ohio area to provide training tailored to their needs and then source candidates that fill their talent gap. If you or someone you know believes they are eligible for these programs, How to Justice encourages you to contact Towards Employment via the links provided.

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