Treasure Valley Homestead

Treasure Valley Homestead

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Treasure Valley Homestead is a community based organization that offers housing services to individuals in crisis and recovery. They maintain safe and sober living spaces for individuals reentering the community after incarceration, including those who are under court supervision through probation or parole. Treasure Valley Homestead also provides recovery housing for individuals who are committed to the recovery process and require a community of sober peers for support. All dwelling spaces from Treasure Valley Homestead are fully furnished and offered at drastically reduced rates to residents. Additionally, Treasure Valley Homestead is equipped to coordinate payment through TTF funding, social security, disability wages and self pay. Their hope is that housing security and access to a supportive community assist individuals on the pathway to permanent reentry and sobriety. For more information about available housing or to apply for one of their residencies, use the contact information provided on the organization website.

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