Tri-County Community Adjudication Program

Tri-County Community Adjudication Program

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The Tri-County Community Adjudication Program is a justice organization focused on alternatives to incarceration. The organization offers an alternative placement option for judges to consider, as well as parole and probation supervising officers, and other decision makers in the criminal justice system. Participants of the program must have been referred to TRI-CAP by circuit courts or the Michigan Department of Corrections after review of their case. The organization was founded in 1990 as a potential solution to high incarceration rates in Bay, Midland, and Saginaw counties. Now, the organization processes individuals from more than 34 counties across Michigan for a variety of programs. Many individuals seek out the Tri-County Community Adjudication Program specifically because they have been unsuccessful in community settings while under court supervision and feel the more targeted monitoring will assist them in completing the terms of their release. Others come because they will benefit from intensive chemical dependence in a supervised residential atmosphere like that available at TRI-CAP.  For many, successful time at TRI-CAP is the only thing that prevents them from mandatory time in a correctional facility. 

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