Tristan Kade’s House

Tristan Kade’s House

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Tritan Kade’s House seeks to provide a supportive family-like environment to those who are serious about their re-entry into society. They are seeking members who are ready and willing to go to any lengths to begin their new life; Tristan Kade’s House provides a service to individuals who are willing to submit to the structure and accountability of their homes. These services include both life/reentry services, such as financial and computer literacy, as well as in-house resources such as food, room and board, clothing, and transport assistance. Overall, Tristan Kade’s House is on a mission “to do their part in ending homelessness, promoting hope and extending their love to all those ready to receive it.” If these services apply to you and you are in the Pompano Beach area, How to Justice Urges you to contact Tristan Kade’s House via the links provided.
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