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Established in 1983 as the City’s go-to organization for emergency utility assistance, UESF has since expanded its focus to address the broader housing issues facing low-income Philadelphians. UESF manages 8 housing stabilization-focused programs and serves nearly 7000 families annually with nearly $3 million in housing assistance, all to keep families in their homes. They consider themselves to be a “one-stop-shop” that offers immediate resources and empowers families to address the root causes of their utility and housing crisis. UESF’s supportive services provide long-term Intensive case management, a housing stability plan, self-sufficient workshops, job placement, internal referrals to other USEF programs, and a matrix system that will track progress throughout the client’s enrollment in UESF programs. They believe that, when faced with housing challenges, vulnerable families need more holistic services with proactive and comprehensive case management to help them prioritize their housing and financial needs. Additionally, UESF offers many other services and resources surrounding empowering families and improving communities. Some of these services include their Water Conservation Housing Stabilization Program, Self-Efficiency Workshops, their Family Empowerment Program, and much more. Contact UESF directly by phone or email for more information on these programs.

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