Urban League of Greater Oklahoma City

Urban League of Greater Oklahoma City

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Urban League is a national organization assisting African Americans, other minorities and the poor to achieve social and economic equality. Urban Leagues’ Greater Oklahoma City chapter office serves formerly incarcerated individuals, people experiencing homelessness and other individuals with barriers to employment. The After Prison Work Initiative addresses issues faced by justice impacted people, such as lack of transportation, affordable clothing and work attire, soft work skills, occupational skills, basic computer skills, job search assistance and connection to willing employers. Additionally, the Urban Young Adult Reentry Program serves young adults currently or previously involved in the juvenile or adult criminal justice system aged 18 to 24. They also serve young adults who have dropped out of High School and are low-income. The program provides linkages to earning a high school equivalency, occupational skills training, and supportive services to improve employment outcomes. Other services include workforce and career development, housing and financial literacy. Urban League’s advocacy work is focused on Voter Education and Mobilization, Criminal Justice Reform, Police Reform, and Inclusive Economic Development.
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