Utah Division of Juvenile Justice and Youth Services (JJYS)

Utah Division of Juvenile Justice and Youth Services (JJYS)

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The Division of Juvenile Justice and Youth Services (JJYS) provides intervention, supervision, and rehabilitation programs to justice-involved youth while assuring public safety. JJYS aims to improve short-term and long-term outcomes for the youth, support families in the rehabilitation process and improve the safety, security and well-being of JJYS youths and employees. The JJYS Custody Programs are non-secure residential and non-residential programs for delinquent youth. The program moves youth progressively to less structured placements, as determined by youth behavior, until the youth can be safely returned home and released from JJYS custody. The JJYS program’s residential services include proctor care, group homes specializing in specific treatments and boarding schools specializing in care for seriously delinquent youth. Some non-residential services provided through JJYS custody programs include psychiatric evaluations, individual and family counseling, group therapy, tracking, vocational training and mentoring. In addition, juvenile Receiving Centers (JRC) are located across the state for law enforcement officers to drop off arrested, delinquent, ungovernable, or runaway youth who do not meet admission guidelines for secure detention. JJRCs evaluate the youth’s immediate needs for security and care and make referrals for services when appropriate. Contact the Utah Division of Juvenile Justice and Youth Services directly to learn about their youth programs.
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