Youth Justice Network

Youth Justice Network

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Youth Justice Network (YJN) provides advocacy, programming, and neighborhood-based mentoring to young people whose lives cross with New York City’s jails and justice system. The organization’s goal is to end the cycle of incarceration and create a just society by giving young people the support, guidance, and chances they need to develop into successful leaders. Through its services, young people can access opportunities previously denied, giving them the tools they need to effect significant change in their lives and communities. Youth Advocates meet with young people in prison, the courts, and their communities. In addition, advocates offer long term mentoring and assistance with daily requirements so that adolescents can tap into their strength and build skills to heal, grow, and flourish. Youth members can rely on their Advocates for assistance with food access, stable housing, career and academic advancement, and health and wellness. For more information, contact Youth Justice Network directly.
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