Tag: Conditions of Release

Can Your Family Pick You Up From Prison On Your Release Date?

A friend or family member may be able to pick you up from prison on your release date. It depends on the terms of your release and the rules of your prison. Planning ahead can help you ensure a smooth release date.


What Happens If You Violate Parole, Probation or Supervision?

What happens if you violate parole, probation or supervision depends on your specific case, but you could end up in prison.


Will Prison Provide Substance Abuse Treatment After You Get Released?

If you want to seek substance abuse treatment after you leave prison, you have options. You may even be required to enroll in a program. Treatment may be one of your conditions of release.


Do You Have a Right to See Your Kids After You’re Released from Prison?

When you are getting ready to go back into your community, there are a lot of legal questions that may arise. Do you have a right to see your kids after you’re out of prison? Do other people now have a say in your custody and parental rights?


Can You Marry Another Person on Probation While You Are on Probation?

Although a long list, one of the general rules of probation is that you cannot be around someone else who is on probation. So, if two people on probation started dating, let alone be near each other, that would already be a violation of probation.


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